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Having an older sibling is a major quality. You would battle inside your home, yet she will consistently shield you at whatever point fundamental. She will end up being your subsequent mother and there are a lot more reasons why your more established sister is extremely significant. Thus, read down the rundown and check whether your more established sister additionally has these characteristics!

1. She is a person who would always forgive you.

You will have hurt your sister in many ways but she will always forgive you at the end. She cannot be angry with you for long and therefore, she will always try to forgive you even when you have treated her in bad ways.

2. She will be there for you, Always.

People will always come and go and only a few would stay forever in your life. Among all of them, your big sister is someone who will never disappoint you. no matter what happens, she will stick by your side and that is why your big sister is important.


3. She will give you the best advice.

Your big sister will always be the one to give you the best advice. She knows you better than anyone and she knows what suits you the best. So, you can always rely on her choices and advice.

4. You can tell her all your secrets.

Most of the time, it is not safe to tell our secrets to friends. When things go wrong between you, they are sure to share all your secrets with others. But, big sisters will never be like that. she is the one who knows about all your relationships and everything else. But, she will never betray your trust and will always be your best mate.

5. She knows you extremely well.

Sister knows many things about you and perhaps she might even know you even better than you do. She knows why you avoid wearing short skirts or why you hate cats. She will read your mood better than anyone and will take care not to piss you off.

6. She makes your life much more interesting.

Sister will be the one to show you the hottest trends and best shops. She will know about the best movies and the place to get the best burgers. She will buy tickets for you when you go down on your budget and will always make your life much more interesting.

7. She is the best aunt.

Sister will be the best aunt for your kids. She knows how to get along with kids and will always welcome them at her place.

8. She helps you get along with your parents.

Whenever you are being blamed by your parents, your sister will be the one who protects you. she will stick by your side even when she knows you are wrong. She will help to make peace between you and your parents and will smoothe up the worse situations.

9. You don’t need to pretend that you are someone else.

With your sister, you can be yourself without any doubt. You don’t need to pretend or try to act like someone else. She knows you well and you can just be yourself happily. Sometimes, she may criticize you but you can just laugh that out as it is something coming out from your sister.

10. She is your other mom.

She will be the other mom of your life for sure. Her guidance, love, and care will always give you the strength to move forward and you can always rely on her no matter what happens in your life.

So, make haste. Call your sister and tell her how much you love her!


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